Westville - Police Department

Westville - Police Department

100 Setser Drive.

Westville, Indiana  46391

Office:       (219) 785-4177

Dispatch:  (219) 362-6205

Fax:          (219) 785-2267

eMail: Westville Police Department


Westville - Police (219) 785-4177

County - Police (219) 326-7700

State - Police 800 552-8917

Chief-Marshal Darin Mercer

The Westville Police Department patrols an area of approximately three square miles. The department is dispatched by the La Porte County Sheriff Department through their 911 Countywide Emergency Communications System. For non-emergency calls, for service, neighborhood complaints or wishing to speak with an Officer, one should call 219-785-4177 or 219-326-7700.

Westville - Police Department

Updated list of ordinances

Westville - Police Department

Application for Employment

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Submit your handgun permit application online.

Application For Handgun License.

L-1 Enrollment Services

To complete your handgun permit application process, you must get finger printed at an L-1 location.  This is an electronic finger print service that will speed up your application process.  Appointments can be scheduled online at www.L1enrollment.com, or for further information calling toll free at 877-472-6917.  After completing the L-1 fingerprint handgun application process, you are still required to come to the Westville Police Department to complete your application and pay the local cash fees.

Gun Permit hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. – time permitting.  Please call ahead first – 219-785-4177.

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Office / Mailing Address:

100 Setser Drive

Westville, Indiana 46391

Phone: (219) 785-2123

Fax:      (219) 785-2607